Town Meeting Minutes
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Tuesday January 19, 2016

Activity Report of Town Administrator/Clerk
January 18, 2010

 1. Q.A. Co. Public Works Department removed Christmas lights from the poles on January 11th.
2. Monitoring the moving of the tenants at 120 Walnut Street. They were to vacate the premises by September 30, 2009. Personal belongings are still there. The deadbolt lock has been changed on the door so no one can access in the apartment without me giving them a key. Old vehicles are still there.
3.  Adding information to the Town's website regularly.
4.  Prepared and mailed approximately 280 sewer bills for 2010.
5.  Enclosed the letter to the Village Crossing residents explaining the Town's plans to improve the area.
6.  Applied for an emergency declaration grant as a result of the December 21 - 22, 2009 snow storm. If awarded, we may receive up to 80% of our snow removal costs.

B. Ross Rhodes, Jr.
Town Administrator/Clerk